I have a pdf sharing site with a content type which called PDF. This content type has many fileds (such as author, description, rating, etc). These fields display in simple rows but I want to change either their form and css. for example I want to show Rating number much bigger (and in other color) on the top of each post. what can I do?
Am I able to define new css classes for these fields?

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create a new template file and add any classes you want. Here's a good introduction to D7 templates.

your template should be named like this: node--node_type.tpl.php. In your case, I think it should be node--pdf.tpl.php. You can use node.tpl.php as a starting point


One more way is to use a node preprocess hook in your template.php. It might look something like

 if($var['type'] == 'PDF'){

refer this for details

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