I currently have taxonomy pages using a custom image field, field_icon, which by default displays in my content region.

How would I go about moving this field display to a different region (in my case the header region)?


You can approach this in UI, Twig or PHP:


You can create a View (show Taxonomy Terms) with display "block" and add "Term ID" as Context Filter, see this example for Users: How to move the user account/Profile 2 information from the content region to a sidebar region


Install Twig Tweak and place the field in a twig template:

{{ drupal_field('field_name', 'taxonomy_term') }}


Prepare the taxonomy term entity in a preprocess hook, see print custom image field for taxonomy page (page--taxonomy.html.twig) template

  • Thank you, this helped me out perfectly. I used the Twig Tweak path, your links for UI and PHP were very helpful as well! – CalculatingKraken Mar 4 '18 at 18:25

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