I have a complicated View containing many pages and attachments. When I built the View, I didn't think much about the order of the pages and attachments, but now I would like to change the ordering because it affects how they are displayed in the end. I would also like the flexibility to add additional pages in the future and be able to control where those attachments appear in the page.

I know you can control an attachment's position using the Above/Below options, but I have one page with 6 attachments and I can't seem to break the ordering except by creating and deleting nodes.

Edit: I discovered that I can accomplish this by exporting the View and reordering the code there and then reimporting, but if a cleaner solution exists, I would love to hear it.

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You may also consider using the draggableviews module. Basically you create an "administrative" display of your view allowing arbitrary reordering of the content of the "main" display using drupal drag-and-drop interface.

There's also a comparison page for node ordering modules on drupal.org


You can ues the Nodequeue module. Nodequeue allows you to create and arbitrarily sort "queues" of nodes and it integrates with the Views module.

The Nodequeue module allows users to collect nodes in an arbitrarily ordered list. The order in the list can be used for a any purpose, such as:

  • A block listing teasers for the five top news stories on a site
  • A user’s favorite music albums
  • A group of favorite from which one is randomly displayed

Nodequeue provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to manually order any queue.

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