In Drupal 7 we had

Can Migrate in Drupal 8 replace these, for example to export view results with Migrate as JSON, CSV, etc?


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There are some options to export Views data in CSV format in Drupal 8

  1. Views Data Export Module

This module is designed to provide a way to export large amounts of data from views. It provides a display plugin that can rendered progressively in a batch. Style plugins are included that support exporting in the following types:

  • CSV Microsoft
  • XLS (or really simple HTML understood by Excel)
  • Microsoft DOC
  • Basic TXT
  1. VBO Export Module it adds CSV export feature for Views Bulk Operations Moule

The module adds 2 new Views Bulk Operations actions: Export to csv and export to Excel.

3.CSV Serialization Module

This module provides a CSV encoder for the Drupal 8 Serialization API. This enables the CSV format to be used for data input and output in various circumstances. For example:

Drupal 8's REST module can accept or return data in CSV format Views can output CSV data via a 'REST Export' view Module developers may leverage CSV as a format when using the Serialization API

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