I'm using webform_multiple_file. To display my submissions, I created a view and added as field Webform submission data: Value

To customize my view I used print $fields['value_1']->content ;

This displays somthing like this:



But I want to display just the first data and as an image like

<img src="image1.png" />

Below the HTML return

<div class="webform-multiple-file"><a href="http://localhost/mydrupal/sites/default/files/webform/image1.png">image1.png</a></div><div class="webform-multiple-file"><a href="http://localhost/mydrupal/sites/default/files/webform/image2.jpeg">image2.jpeg</a></div>

Any idea please? Thank you


Try something like this:

file_dir  = $file_create_url("public://");

print '<a href=' . $file_dir . '/'. $fields['value_1']->content . '</a>';
  • Thanks Sir. I edited my question to add the html returns by using $fields['value_1']->content – A.Sana Mar 12 '18 at 16:41

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