I have a Drupal 8 site and am encountering an issue. When I visit the site as an anonymous user and click a link on the menu, it adds /index.php to the url. Then if I navigate to that page and click another link in adds another index.php (i.e. example.com/index.php/index.php/link1/link2) and therefore the page will not load. This does not happen if I am logged into the site, has anyone encountered this before? I tried a fresh htaccess file and beyond that I am stumped. It is on a shared hosting plan. Any help is appreciated.


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I had the same problem.

I have a view with links to content, where the URLs are item/[one content's field value]. One day, I watched the view as anonymous user and noticed that these had been changed to index.php/index.php/item/[one content's field value]. (On the other hand, when I visited as administrator user, it didn't happen.)

I didn't know why it happened, and it was solved by executing drush cc render.

However, the problem would still be left.

The environment is Drupal 8.3.9 and PHP 7.0.25.


From here:

A solution. Install the Redirect Module, the default setting of Enforce clean and canonical URLs will fix the issue. However, there is also a long outstanding bug Route normalizer: Global Redirect in Drupal which apparently is the cause, but hasn't been pushed to Core yet.

  • Redirect fixed it for me (Drupal 9.3.6 Apache 2.4.29 PHP 7.4.28) after index.php was incorrectly inserted in links to uploaded files after many years of not being a problem. So I'd say there's quite likely a bug in core still?
    – iainH
    Feb 20, 2022 at 12:02

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