Am working with drupal7.When images are loading below error is showing in my test site console:

GET sites/default/files/styles/slideshow_full/public/plans/30989/main-image/contemporary_house_plan_westbrook_30-065_front.jpg?itok=TkUdCJQ5 403 (Forbidden)

When I paste the above URL in browser it is showing that "You are not authorised to access this page" error.

I checked all the permissions and all has 777. But the same functionality is working with my local site.Can anyone give me a suggestion to solve this issue?

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This is a typical result of an incorrect url path.

That folder may/may not exist on the test server, but because it's outside of your user's folders, you 'don't have permission to access' it.

For example: Typical user's folders for cPanel are /home/USER/ with the site root at /home/USER/public_html. But, typical for a local machine is /var/www/....

So when you call sites/default/... from a local machine, it is possible that it's actually looking at /var/www/sites/default/.... When doing that on the test server, the path would be outside your user's folder and therefor no access permission.

It could be as simple as a missing ../ on your relative paths. So you could try 1. adding ../ to the start of your paths and see if that takes it to the correct location. or 2. Try explicitly setting the base url in your settings file $base_url = 'http://foobar.com'; to force a starting point for relative paths.

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