I'm trying to write a D8 migrations files but the following one isn't working on the source 'body/value' because it resolves to a null value instead of the intended string.

id: my_d7_node_news
label: 'Nodes (News)'
langcode: en
status: true
dependencies: {  }
class: Drupal\migrate\Plugin\Migration
field_plugin_method: null
cck_plugin_method: null
  - 'Drupal 7'
  plugin: d7_node
  node_type: news
  nid: tnid
  vid: vid
  title: title
  uid: node_uid
  status: status
  created: created
  changed: changed
  revision_uid: revision_uid
  revision_log: log
  revision_timestamp: timestamp
    plugin: get
    source: 'body/value'
    plugin: default_value
    default_value: some summary
    plugin: default_value
    default_value: rich_text
  plugin: 'entity:node'
  default_bundle: news

I tried multiple writing for the source: 'body/value' (e,g: source: body_value, etc, ...) with no luck...

Which syntax should I use to make successful mapping on body/value: body/value using the d7_node source plugin?


Something like this:

    plugin: iterator
    source: body
      value: value
        plugin: default_value
        default_value: filtered_html
  • This has been renamed to the sub_process plugin. – Cameron Jun 4 '19 at 0:20

Just use 'body', as in:

body: body

That is what core d7_node migration does.

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