With the fontawesome module I can easly create in CKEditor fontawesome icons in a body field. I want to link this icon to a telephone field (field_call_me)

A more specific example: If I created a whatsapp icon in a bodyfield. How could I link this to a telephone field?

My steps:

I installed:

$ composer require 'drupal/fontawesome:^2.0' $ drupal module:install fontawesome

I created a contenttype

admin/structure/types name: call me description: add whatsapp number

I add telephone field

label: call me default value: +12345678 machine name: field_call_me

I tried to link it with link icon module. but it didn't work.


You need not add (should not be, rather) icon field to content type. You can display the whatsapp icon though css, it would be a matter of adding <i class="fab fa-whatsapp"></i> before showing the phone number. You might want to create a field--node--field-name--content-type.html.twig file for controlling the display aspects for the field.

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