I have a third party library located in the root/libraries directory, but it is not called on my webpage. I was wondering using subtheme/subtheme.theme or subtheme.libraries.yml. I call it from here? Any information would be great, I can't find documentation on third party libraries for Drupal 8.

  • You have to define it in theme.libraries.yml and either attach it with a hook or include it by default in theme.info.yml. – Kevin Mar 15 '18 at 17:28
  • @Kevin when I add the library to theme.libraries.yml I get an error on my page. The way I call it is as follows, swiper: (newline, space & 3 line indent) js: /libraries/slick/slick/slick.min.js . Am I not allowed to call a file outside the scope of the subtheme? – ARMANDO SILVA Mar 15 '18 at 17:52

You can add your library in your file theme.libraries.yml (or module.libraries.yml) like this:

# Parsley use for contact_form.
    dist/js/vendors/parsley.min.js: { minified: true }
    - core/jquery

After, you can include your library like any other libraries with a hook or a template.

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