I've searched a lot for this one with no luck. My problem is the following:

I have an exposed filter of brands (adidas, nike, etc). It is displayed as a block on the home page. while entering the brand and click apply, it displays a page containing two content types mall and store.

the store content type contains a term reference field brand. As for the mall content type, it contains entity reference stores with term reference field brand in them.

If i add a relationship in the views for the referenced entity and enable the relationship on the exposed filter field brand, it will display the mall content type only. if i remove the relationship it will display the store content type only.

How can I have one exposed filter block to display both the malls and the stores?

I appreciate any help given.

I'm using drupal 7.


you can use views autocomplete filters, add all fields you wish in the view, including the ones with a relationship (can be: contentypes, commerce products and commerce line itmes with propper relationships), then on add an exposed filter choose: Global: Combine fields filter, and on filter settings select all fields you wish to filter on, like the image below. This wokrs on D7 & D8. Enjoy.

enter image description here

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