I want the content to be customized by the user, so I created a simple theme and added some fields like background image, color, size etc.

    set background_image = content.field_image.0['#markup'] 
    set size  = content.field_size.0['#markup'] 
    set background_color  = content.field_background_color.0['#markup'] 

Is this the right way to do it? Is it a safe way to get content with #markup?

  set section = {
    'section_attributes': create_attribute().addClass([
    .setAttribute('style', 'background-image: url(' ~ background_image ~ ');' )

Is there any other safe way to do this?


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I think that it would be better to use

{{ content.field_size.value }}

Then twig will automatically get the value from the field.

If you just want to render the field then {{ content.field_size}} should be fine.

Hope it helps.

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