Basic setup: 3 content types

  • Festival
  • Event
  • Speaker

Event has a entity 1-to-1 reference field containing a Festival.

Event also has a 1-to-many reference field containing Speakers.

How can I set up a View to list all of the Speakers taking part in a Festival? (A Speaker can take part in more than one Event).


Create a view of events with relationship to the speakers and contextual filter to festival

enter image description here

For filtering duplicates you have to turn on aggregation as seen above and setup body aggregation settings: group column: format

enter image description here

The contexual settings for festival are

enter image description here

NOTE: To see preview for a festival put a festival node id in the contextual filter and press preview

Finally you can put the view block display on content region or any other region from structure > block layout and the block with relevant event/speakers will be present when you visit a festival page

  • Great! I was missing the aggregation. And also trying to show a rendered entity and not fields. Now I have the rendered entity as a field. – Tim Mar 23 '18 at 8:48

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