I am a Drupal 7 newbie, I am only proficient in CSS and HTML and I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction(to documentation/modules/advice) on how to execute what I am trying to do or even telling me if it is possible or not.

I tried making tabs already, I was using quick tabs and multiple blocks but I found that would be inefficient because I need 12 pages with tabs and each has at least 2-3 tabs with content each that need to be eventually edited by heads of departments.

What I am trying to do:

  • Create a page with multiple tabs and content inside of it.
  • When editing the node there should be multiple tabs at the top corresponding with the tabs on the page and an option to add more tabs up to a limit
  • Tabs should have a title and body field.

Some examples of the content of the tabs: welcome, about, programme. They would just have 1 or two paragraphs of content.

How I was thinking it could be done:

  • Creating a New Field type called Tab, that groups a title & body

  • Creating a New Structure type that has max of 6 Tabs

  • Create a new display to have the fields organized into tabs.

  • Download Module for displaying tabs in editing mode?

I just don't know how to make that possible or if it is. Can someone point me in the right direction or help me to come up with a better alternative?


The easiest approach to create tabs to nest your content for visitors to see on your pages without much hassle is to try to use the Field Group module in D7.

Another solution is to use the Paragraphs module with 2 fields: title and body. And try to setup Field Groups possibly to treat each paragraph entry as a Tab on the page ...

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