The following code:

$report .= '<p>' . t('<strong>%percentage</strong> of <strong><em>'.$node_type_get_types[$type]->name.'</em></strong> completed.', array('%percentage' => $percentage)) . ' ' . $count . '</p>';

is inside of iteration, because I need to make the same calculations and collect all the results and output all in one string.

Drupal.org's automated testing complains about the above part:

Concatenating translatable strings is not allowed, use placeholders instead and only one string literal

I don't have any idea how to make this correct.

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It means you have to use a placeholder, in the same way you used the %percentage placeholder.

$report .= '<p>' . t('<strong>%percentage</strong> of <strong><em>@content-type</em></strong> completed. %count', array('%percentage' => $percentage, '@content-type' => $node_type_get_types[$type]->name, '%count' => $count)) . '</p>';

I used a @-placeholder for the content type, in the same way done from node_add().

For a list of the placeholder types used from Drupal, see format_string(). The documentation for t() explain in details why concatenating is not possible in translatable strings.


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