I have tried every suggestion I could find and nothing is working. I need to get the actual path or url since I am adding some specific classes to the link. The array is below

enter image description here

I got to this from the following

{% set link = paragraph.field_link.value.0 %}
{{ kint(link) }}

I understand that I need to use the url() or path() function but these require 2 parameters and I am unsure where to get these from.

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You can try to do like this

{{ content.field_link.0['#url'] }}

That should do it.

This is another possible way of diong it

{{paragraph.field_link.uri }}
  • neither one of these options returns the same result as url() or path(), as requested.
    – jenlampton
    Commented Nov 14, 2023 at 2:15

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