We have a European site that is the same exact site for three different domain names. So www.mysite.eu, www.mysite.ie and www.mysite.ch all go to the same site. However, we would like to make very small subtle changes based on which domain extension they come from. Really, I just need to swap out a couple blocks based on the domain.

I know there is the Domain Access module, which we actually use on another site, but I really didn't want to have the huge overhead and configuration and headache of everything that comes with the Domain Access module, just to swap out a couple blocks and that's it. The rest of the site in it's entirety will be exactly the same for all three domains.

I have put a hack in place using JavaScript right now, but it's not the most elegant solution. I was wondering if there is something else I could try besides Domain Access.

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If you're still using D7 (there's no D8 port at the time of writing this), you could use Context Domain in conjunction with the Context module, or port the D7 version to D8. There's also option of creating a hook_block_access invocation to control display on a view operation.


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