I am creating a custom module for user specific image gallery for my website. I have created a content type and added an image field for uploading multiple images. Now I want to create an image gallery with jcarousel type slideshow. But I am not able to retrieve the images uploaded by a particular user and show them on their profile page creating a gallery tab

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I did it for this cg related image gallery (cgart.ir).

to display user created images on his/her profile I did these steps:

  1. create a views named artworks
  2. create a display within artworks named page_1 and add CONTEXTUAL FILTERS > (content: Author uid) to it
  3. edit user-profile.tpl.php and add below codes to it:

    print views_embed_view('artworks', 'page_1', $account->uid);


The other way around is to use the 'PWI' - Picasa Webalbum Integrator javascript library. Picasa Webalbum Integrator javascript librarywhich fetches photos from your picasa account + it also comes with an slideshow, which applies everywhere on the site. Which is good as it also saves hosting space.

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