I have created a webform, after the submession the customer is sent the registration confirmation e-mail. How do I include in this email a link to download a pdf ?

  • what does registration confirmation email mean ? the email send from webform on submission ? – GiorgosK Apr 1 '18 at 19:50

If we are talking about a webform, then under the "webform" tab on the webform node there will be an "email" section. You can add it directly to the email text. The link will be /node/[nid]/webform/emails .

The "registration confirmation" part is a bit ambiguous. There is a user registration confirmation also, but I'm guessing that you are referring to the webform being a type of event registration form? In the case of user registration, there is a section under /admin/config/people/accounts where you can modify the emails.


Resolved !

All i want was how make the customer can download the mail as pdf by one click on link "Télécharger ici votre confirmation":

enter image description here

So i used the library jsPDF to generate mail as pdf

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