I have integrated OpenID Connect(Generic), where my Signin was successful(Redirects to destination server, provided credentials, redirect to drupal & authenticated).

While i make Sign out, it was successful. But what i found is, log out happens only at drupal side whereas my destined server session still exists(I have checked it by relogin in drupal, it was authenticated without providing credentials).

enter image description here

Is there is any option to log out from both Drupal & destined server?


The openid_connect module is great for authenticating/adding users via external identity providers. However, it does not provide single sign out capabilities.

You will have to implement them yourself.

A viable way of doing so is to implement hook_openid_connect_post_authorize() to add information about the used identity provider/tokens to the user session/database, and e.g. hook_user_logout() to invoking the sign-out endpoint of your identity provider, if the above saved information is present when the user logs off your Drupal.

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