I installed Drupal Console, put it on my path, ran drupal init, and successfully used Drupal Console to generate a module.

Now I want to run tests with drupal test:run, but I get this error.

[ERROR] Command "test:run", is not a valid command name.

drupal lists many commands, but it is missing the ones for tests. This is a sample of the list.

  state:delete (std)                      Delete State
  state:override (sto)                    Override a State key.
  taxonomy:term:delete (ttd)              Delete taxonomy terms from a vocabulary
  theme:download (thd)                    Download theme in application
  theme:install (thi)                     Install theme or themes in the application
  theme:path (thp)                        Returns the relative path to the theme (or absolute path)
  theme:uninstall (thu)                   Uninstall theme or themes in the application
  update:entities (upe)                   Applying Entity Updates
  update:execute (upex,updb)              Execute a specific Update N function in a module, or execute all
  user:create (uc)                        Create users for the application
  user:delete (ud)                        Delete users from the application

Why are the commands for tests missing?

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You need to enable Drupal Test module, then run drupal cache:rebuild, and command test:run will appear.

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