After enabling the JWT module. and following Using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to Authenticate Requests to REST Resources in Drupal 8 on how to use it, it is working.

I know I can access the user JWT token by visiting /jwt/token. My problem is when I try to log in via web services. It returns me the following.

    "current_user": {
        "uid": "4",
        "name": "cravushedal"
    "csrf_token": "OlTb7fak5ZS-r1BRiGtBh4IWLm_Z7F1xMpY3KYTGkrU",
    "logout_token": "5DiupHgr9iDxIDVmhHTI3PMX2-Shd6sjuN8hNHrHv7E"

With postman In postman, after login, I receive a cookie, and with that cookie, I can access the jwt/token route and receive the bearer token.

But, I am using angular 5, and what I want is to access to that rout without the cookie, just by csrf token. Is that possible? I mean, I am trying to include it in the header, but not result. Any idea?


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You may try to use Get JWT on Login module that I have created for the same purpose.

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