I have created block using image block module. I want to translate block content in other languages. I have used i18n module for translation. currently I only translate the title of the block. But I also want translate body content. So,please anyone help me. Thanks in advance

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I believe the image block module is not yet fully compatible with i18n module and you will need to apply the patch in this issue which according to the posters is reviewed and ready to be committed.

Alternatively you can install nodeblock and create a content type (i.e. block) and use it as a nodeblock and you will get all the benefits of nodes and blocks. Therefore you can add image fields or any other fields that you need and after creating a node of that content type you will be able to add it in a region of your theme like a normal block. Nodeblock supports translatable content (Contrent translation with i18n and Entity Translation).

  • I used nodeblock module with i18n . This work perfect for me what I needed. Thanks for help Commented Apr 13, 2018 at 5:53

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