Have struggled with this for a couple of days and find no easy solution (TWIG?) Drupal commerce 2.X (D8)

I need to move the price before/above add-to-cart button Like this: Color: Red Size: Medium Price: $ 49,00

Add to cart

I need to do this because the price of the product changes when you choose variation.


  • There is a bug report for this. It is an old issue, still unsolved. May be it draws attention when you comment there. It is a form of voting for its importance. – ñull Jun 12 at 15:55

Yes indeed. a major frustration and it just makes no sense the way it is. i asked this same question a year ago and it has still not been solved. if you solve it please put the solution here.

meantime, you can use jquery appendTo() to solve it in a very ugly way. the price will initially load above the attributes and then jump down to the correct place above the cart button. it is not a pretty site but at least it works.

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  • Its a shame that after so many years this isn't recognised as bug. – ñull Jun 12 at 15:57

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