Is there a way to write a custom Rules Action with this conditions.

Default: Content Type X is set to create unpublished content.


Event: After saving new content

Condition: when a content of type X is created

Action: Set status to published

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Even though your Rules question could be like an exercise for a training session like "Getting started with Rules in D7", the most recent release of Rules for D8 (= Alfa 3) does not support this yet.

However, as a work-around, you could implement the very same logic if you'd adapt the configuration of your content type X so that the default is that newly created content is published right away.

Note: if your goal is to "let anonymous users access unpublished contents" (as in your comment below this answer), then the view_unpublished module could be a possible alternative. As per its project page: it allows you to grant access for specific user roles to view unpublished nodes of a specific type.

  • Thanks for your quick response! Yes, I understand that. My goal is just to let anonymous users access unpublished contents. But it seems I cant achieve it by setting the view with permissions so I was thinking of Rules. I actually found this module view_unpublished that solves my problem. Apr 10, 2018 at 10:04

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