I want to add additional settings in node edit page (node/*/edit) on right side bar. How can i achieve this drupal 8?

admin right side bar on node edit page


To be more clear, I have installed url_redirect module and it is showing settings in node edit page in drupal 7. But in drupal 8 there is no such settings. So I want add those settings by myself, but on right side bar.

drupal 7 node edit page and settings


The key is to implement hook_form_node_form_alter function to add settings to node edit page. I did this by applying patch specified in https://www.drupal.org/project/redirect/issues/2702353.

I specified a wrong module in my question (There were confusion, because both the modules showing same text), actual module that was showing settings in admin pane was redirect module not url_redirect.

I keep this answer here that may help someone who come across the same question I had.

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