I have a site I created with Drupal 8, lets say http://falzon.xyz/.
Elsewhere, I have a site created with Jekyll, a bunch of static pages linked to each other visible http://www.elina-noe.eu/).
I'd like to "embed" the static site as a "subsite" of falzon.xyz, i.e. accessible as http://falzon.xyz/elina-noe/, by 'simply' putting all its files in a subfolder of the D8 site.
How can I do that?

  • Using @GiorgosK's advice, it's working! Anybody having the base URL (falzon.xyz/elina-noe) is able to navigate this 'subsite'. How can I limit the access to the users of my 'root' site (i.e. falzon.xyz)? – gbmapo Apr 16 '18 at 11:08

Creating a subfolder inside your docroot folder such as docroot/elina-noe should suffice.

Put all the subsite files into this folder and if there is a index.html you can access your subsite just by visiting the subfolder http://falzon.xyz/elina-noe/

  • The caveat here is your web server is configured to use index.html when a dir path is requested. Many default web server configs do this, but just FYI in case you see otherwise. – Shawn Conn Apr 14 '18 at 21:54

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