I'm kind of new to Drupal 8 development and object-oriented PHP in general. I've been trying to make a simple custom block module, which includes a service with simple dependency injection. However, I can't seem to figure out why the construct method does not receive an appropriate parameter - been staring at the code for hours. My code:


    class: Drupal\event_countdown\DateCalculator


    _title: 'Event Countdown'
    _permission: 'access content'
    no_cache: 'TRUE'



namespace Drupal\event_countdown;

class DateCalculator {

  // forms the block's output based on given date
  public function daysUntilEventStarts($date) {
    // get difference in days between now and the given date
    $difference = $this->getDifferenceInDaysFromCurrentDate($date);
      // if event date is in the future
      if($difference >= 1) {
        return "Days left until the event starts: " . $difference;
      // if event date and current date are on the same day
      } else if($difference == 0) {
        return "The event is in progress.";
      // if event date is in the past
      } else {
        return "The event has already ended.";

  // calculates difference in days between now and given date
  public function getDifferenceInDaysFromCurrentDate($date) {
    // current time
    $now = time();
    // event datetime field converted to timestamp
    $event_date = strtotime($date);
    // timestamp difference
    $difference = $event_date - $now;
    // timestamp difference rounded down to days
    return round($difference / (60 * 60 * 24));




namespace Drupal\event_countdown\Plugin\Block;

use Drupal\Core\Block\BlockBase;
use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerInterface;
use Drupal\event_countdown\DateCalculator;

 * Provides an event countdown block.
 * @Block(
 *   id = "event_countdown_block",
 *   admin_label = @Translation("Event countdown block"),
 *   category = @Translation("Event countdown block"),
 * )

class EventCountdownBlock extends BlockBase {

  protected $dateCalculator;

   public function __construct(DateCalculator $dateCalculator) {
     $this->dateCalculator = $dateCalculator;

   public static function create(ContainerInterface $container) {
     return new static($container->get('event_countdown.date_calculator'));

   public function build() {

      // get current node based on route
      $node = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node');

      //check whether node type equals 'event' - if it does, get text output, otherwise display an error message
      if($node->getType() == "event") {
        // get datetime value from node
        $date = $node->field_event_date->value;
        // call service method to calculate difference in days
        $output = $this->dateCalculator->daysUntilEventStarts($date);
      } else {
        // display error
        $output = "Woops! This block is intended only for event pages.";

      return array(
        // output
        '#markup' => $output,
        // prevent block caching
        '#cache' => [
          'max-age' => 0,


The error I get in Drupal logs is:

Recoverable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Drupal\event_countdown\Plugin\Block\EventCountdownBlock::__construct() must be an instance of Drupal\event_countdown\DateCalculator, array given, called in D:\drupal8\devdesktop\drupal-8.5.1\core\lib\Drupal\Core\Plugin\Factory\ContainerFactory.php on line 25 and defined in Drupal\event_countdown\Plugin\Block\EventCountdownBlock->__construct() (line 24 of D:\drupal8\devdesktop\drupal-8.5.1\modules\custom\event_countdown\src\Plugin\Block\EventCountdownBlock.php) #0 D:\drupal8\devdesktop\drupal-8.5.1\core\includes\bootstrap.inc(582): _drupal_error_handler_real(4096, 'Argument 1 pass...', 'D:\\drupal8\\devd...', 24, Array) #1

I would appreciate any sort of help. Thank you!

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Plugins aren't naturally container-aware, so your create method is never called. The default plugin factory passes a configuration array as the first argument to your constructor, hence the error.

You can make the plugin container-aware by implementing ContainerFactoryPluginInterface. For example:

class EventCountdownBlock extends BlockBase implements ContainerFactoryPluginInterface {

  public function __construct(array $configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition, DateCalculator $dateCalculator) {
    parent::__construct($configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition);
    $this->dateCalculator = $dateCalculator;

  public static function create(ContainerInterface $container, array $configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition) {
    return new static(
  • Ah, everything makes so much more sense now. Your suggestion worked, thank you very much :)
    – jhacin
    Apr 19, 2018 at 15:32

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