I have a content type with a path pattern ([category]/[english_title]) that is generated based on its field values.
In the node's page there is a block with referencing news items and a count based more link to a page with more news items.The path generated from the more link is the same as the node's alias but with /news appended to it ([category]/[english_title]/news).

For that I passed the English title as token through a hook to the more link which was fetched from the page side as an argument to be matched against. It was fine until I had some fields with special characters, especially titles with apostrophes of possessive 'S's. I am unsure about how to proceed. An easier way would be since there. There is already a news section to do something like /news?nid, but it got me thinking.

Is it possible to alias contextually generated views pages or substitute an already patterned portion of a URL with its alias?

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This is the use scenario behind the Sub-pathauto module. In your scenario, you're creating a "more link" page View with a /node/%/news path and a contextual filter for the NID to retrieve that specific node's contextual news view. With the sub-pathauto module installed, that page view should be viewable via [category]/[english_title]/news alias.

  • This works so well for my use case that I feel stupid for not knowing about it.
    – Jed_BH
    Apr 23, 2018 at 9:04

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