I'm using the configuration inspector to fix schema issues before I put a module live as a full release.

I'm finding the following error, but I'm unclear on how to fix it.

The module provides a new entity type, private_message. In config/install, I have the file:


This file has the following contents (trimmed):

    type: string_textarea
    label: hidden
      placeholder: Message
      rows: 5
    region: content
    third_party_settings: {  }
    weight: null

The configuration inspector for core.entity_form_display.private_message.private_message.default is telling me that the schema for content.message.label has a missing schema:

content.message.label Undefined undefined hidden missing schema

In the raw data for the inspection, I see:

'core.entity_form_display.private_message.private_message.default:content.message.label' => 'missing schema',

Does anyone know how I can fix this error?

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Yes, remove that line. Form displays have no label control, only view displays do. Maybe this was copy & pasted somehow by hand when creating that config.

  • Thanks, that did it. Not sure how it got in there, but removing it solved it. Much appreciated.
    – Jaypan
    Commented Apr 25, 2018 at 7:25

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