When I create a new content, I would like to send an email that contains "node path alias".

Pathauto pattern



ON event After saving new content  
Created content is Les entreprises  
Created content is new
Add a condition
Send a mail to a user

Rules email


I receive the email, but the content is 'node/16565'. I would like to receive 'les-entreprises-16565'.

If I inspect token with the Devel module, I get: node-path (String, 21 characters) les-entreprises-16565.

Why didn't I receive this node path alias? Is the Rules module sending the mail too quickly, and the path alias is not yet created?

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Have you included the condition “Entity is of type … Node”? Having to specify this condition may seem redundant, since you have already established this rule is triggered by the Event “After saving new content”. However, I have experienced that without this condition a very limited amount of tokens holding data from the node will be available to the Action and any Components invoked by the rule. Good Luck! Susan

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