I have a media file field field_file where the data is saved like:

title: Media Entity 01
file: media_entity_01.pdf

Using twig, is it possible to output the title of the file and the path?

When rendering the full entity using the 'Render Entity' display mode, I can only get the display to output something like this:

<a href="/media_entity_01.pdf">media_entity_01.pdf</a>
using twig like this:
{{ content.field_file }}

when i want it to output like this:

<a href="/media_entity_01.pdf">Media Entity 01</a>
using something like this:
<a href="{{content.field_file.entity.uri.value}}">{{content.field_file.GET_THE_TITLE}}</a>

Is this possible?


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Got it figured out. Steps:

In Structure > Media Types > File > Manage Display, set the format as Generic File, click the gear icon, and turn on Use description as link text.

Next, inside of Structure > Media Types > File > Manage Fields, edit the field_media_file field and make sure the checkbox for Enable description field is checked. Now, when creating a media file entity, there is a description field that can be filled and will display as the link text.

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    As usual... this is buried in the CMS... albeit, in a logical location...
    – neuquen
    Apr 12, 2019 at 19:28

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