I added a link to a content body from ck editor as /node/7. When viewing this page I want to show www.sitename.com/example/alias.

This is working fine in drupal 7 (earlier version of my site), but not sure which module does this work.

I have installed pathauto, redirect, pathologic modules. I also configured the text format at admin/config/content/formats and set pathologic filter as first priority. But no luck.

After installed redirect module, if I hit node/7 in browser it automatically redirect to expected alias. But I want is the content page should show only url alias even If entered /node/7 in ckeditor.

Am I missing any configurations in any of the above module? or am I missing any module?


I found a hook in Pathologic module as hook_pathologic_alter and I used it to convert node path to URL alias.

I used this hook as follows

 * Implements hook_pathologic_alter().
function mymodule_pathologic_alter(&$url_params, &$parts, &$cached_settings){
    if ($parts['path'] != '<front>') {

        //get the alias for the path and assign it in path
        $alias = \Drupal::service('path.alias_manager')->getAliasByPath('/'.$url_params['path']);

        //Url::fromUri which Pathologic uses need a path without slash at first, so trim it
        $url_params['path'] = ltrim($alias, '/');

This converts a node path to alias and pass it, so Pathologic will form a URL with alias.

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