I am on Drupal 7.59 and using Commerce and Commerce PayPal modules.

I am at testing step, using my PayPal sandbox accounts (buyer and facilitator) to check if my PayPal classic and PayPal Credit Card payment methods work fine.

  1. On PayPal classic I used WPS, and it works well
  2. On PayPal Credit Card, I am using WPP, but something is missing somewhere.

About my PayPal WPP Credit Card (2)

All configuration is good, all the API credential that I have is correct. But one is missing : the Security code. In all tutorial I've watched, nobody talks about that field "Security Code". But it is a required field!. Whithout it I can not continue payment process which PayPal CB.

Can't anybody help ?

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Just put in any number that matches the card type - e.g. 111 or Visa / Mastercard / Discover or 1111 for American Express. As far as I know, the PayPal API will accept any value. It should just be the card number and expiration date that have to match your sandbox test card details.

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