I'm working with the data from a Drupal 7 site that I have and I need to extract the data from a table with a relation to another table. The problem is that one of the tables is Node table and the other is field_data_field... that has a target_id.

The queries I have tried are not connecting the data correctly between this tables. I know this because when I go to the content page (http://example.com/ca/content/aalto-erick) the data is not the same.

Is there a way to display the SQL queries that executes the server when displays this content page?

PD: I put the url to show that the info is displaying in a content page.

  • Also show us what you tried and the query you have written for this
    – Ajay Reddy
    May 4, 2018 at 9:53

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Yes. The Devel module has a submodule called Web Profiler. Once the Web Profiler module is enabled, there will be toolbar in the footer. The toolbar contains a DB inspection button signified by a DB "stack" with the number of queries performed and the time to perform them. Click the button will show you a profile of the DB queries made in the last request.

  • Important to note that Web Profiler only comes with the Devel's 8.x version and not with 7.x nor 6.x
    – No Sssweat
    May 5, 2018 at 7:46

Yes. The Devel module has "Display query log” settings, You can this or have another way to get this through by hook_query_alter or hook_query_TAG_alter hooks. You can use this reference link.

How To Print SQL String Using Devel Module

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