I have manually added some files to the Private Files directory on my Drupal 7 site and wish to add them to the file_managed table in the database.

This is what I have attempted:

  1. Load the existing file with the file_get_contents($PATH_TO_FILE) function.
  2. Used the file_save_data($loaded_file, $destination, FILE_EXISTING_REPLACE) function save the file and add it to the Database.

The Result:

  1. The expected file is in the File System but is 0 bytes and blank
  2. File is added to Database

The main issue is that the existing file isn't getting uploaded properly and is being displayed blank. How can I fix this?

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Make sure that your $loaded_file is a file object enter link description here not just a file content.

  • That did it for me! I was attempting to pass a path to the file. As you suggested, creating a new file object and filling it with relevant info and then saving it that way did it for me. Thank you! Commented May 10, 2018 at 18:54

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