With Views, I want to output a list that links to each comment of the current node. But instead of linking to


I want to link to


I tried these fields, but they all link to the URL in the /comment/ space:

  • Comment: Title (Formatter: Plain text)

  • Comment: Title (Formatter: Comment Permalink)

  • Comment: Link to Comment


Is there a way to output anchors in the /node/ space? The solution doesn’t need to support comment pagination (a node will never reach the limit).


An ugly workaround (which will not work for paginated comments):

  1. Add the field "Content: Link to Content"

    1. Use the relationship "Content" (should be default when creating a comments view)
    2. Enable "Exclude from display"
    3. Enable "Output the URL as text"
  2. Add the field "Comment: Comment ID"

    1. Set "Formatter" to "Unformatted"
    2. Enable "Exclude from display"
  3. Add the field "Comment: Title"

    1. Set "Formatter" to "Plain text"
    2. Disable "Link to the Comment"
    3. Enable "Output this field as a custom link" (under "Rewrite results")
    4. Link path: {{ view_node }}#comment-{{ cid }}
      (field names might differ, use what’s listed under "Replacement patterns")

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