I am trying to modify the meta tags of one of the pages of my web. For example, I want to change the title, the description and add the robots tag.

I have tried using the token and metatag modules to change this, but it is too generic and I do not see the option to change it individually on each page.

Also keep in mind that the page on which I want to change these tags is generated by a custom module: creating the Twig manually and generating the URL by routing.yml. There's the problem, that by not generating by the back, it does not recognize it as a page.


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Inside module_name.module:

 * Implements hook_page_attachments().
function module_name_page_attachments(array &$page) {
  $description = [
    '#tag' => 'meta',
    '#attributes' => [
      'name' => 'description',
      'content' => 'This is content.',
  $page['#attached']['html_head'][] = [$description, 'description'];

I've tested successfuly Metatag Routes module for Drupal 8. The module adds a button in the default metatag dashboard page. The user can configure metatags for custom controllers generated by code.

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Metatag_routes does not work if your path has parameters. For example, in my case:

  path: '/group/{groupid}/recursos'

When you add new metatags for "/gruoup/something/recursos" the module associates the data with "avt_general.page_resources", so you cannot add more metatags to "/gruoup/something2/recursos". Hope this helps.

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