I have a number of pages in my Drupal 8 application where a template is returned from a controller method, and that template has a number of forms on it. I build the form in the controller method using formBuilder->getForm(), and then I set that output to a theme variable which the template renders. So something like this:

Render Form

$addDocumentForm = \Drupal::formBuilder()->getForm('Drupal\candidate_portal_candidate\Form\AddDocumentForm'); 

Add to theme variable

return array(
    '#theme' => 'candidate_dashboard',
    '#add_document_form' => $addDocumentForm,

Render Form in Twig Template

<div id="addDocForm" class="modal1" style="display:none"><div class="modal-content left"><span onclick='closeModal("addDocForm")' class="closeModal">&times;</span><br/>{{add_document_form}}</div></div>

This works fine, and seemed like an OK way to put multiple forms on one page. However, the problem is when there is an error in validateForm() when I submit one of the forms. Instead of returning to the current page with an error on the page, drupal redirects to a page with only the invalid form on it.

How can I get Drupal to show an error message on the actual page the form is rendered on?


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