I'm creating a site which give a set number of logins to each company who wants to use it. For example, we give 20 logins to Company A. What I want is when a user tries to create an account from the given company , if all the allowed slots are taken up they can't create an account. At present I have a content type for Client, which has the client details and then a field for the number of 'licences' available. Then when a user creates a new account they choose which client they are with. The site is built in Drupal 7

Is there a module out that which can already do this?



  • You'll need the OG module to create user groups, and you'll need the og global limits to set the maximum number of users that can join a group, but its not available for d7 yet.
    – user2948
    Commented Mar 22, 2012 at 13:50

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If you create the main company as a user (ie Company A has an "admin" user account) then you could use User Relationships and User Relationship Limits. I suppose you could possibly use Rules to create a new users whenever a company is created and tie the user to that content with either the Relation or Entity Reference module.

User Relationships

Admins create relationship types (friend, coworker, etc). Relationship types can be setup to be one-way or mutual. If a relationship type is one-way (subscriber) only the requester is shown as relating to the requestee. Relationship types can also be set as needing or not needing approval.

User Relationship Limits

User Relationship Limits extends User Relationships and provides the ability for site administrators to limit the number of possible relationships.

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