Hi I am a newbie and want to Get Functionality from view module in the form of grid in which i want to show some fields and a main title after clicking on title user will be directed to full post. Can anyone help me how to get this functionality. In other word i want to change the order of displaying data to end user created by the view module.

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If you have already created a view which shows nodes you want to display, in the view settings select Format > Grid, and Show > Fields in the Format area; select the fields you want to display in the Fields area.

If you want other than default sorting options use modules such as the following ones:

  • the Weight module (It allows you to assign weight to nodes and then sort them by that weight.)
  • the Menu Node Views module (If you have added your nodes to some menus, then this module allows to sort nodes in the view by that order.)


The Menu Node Views module starts producing duplicate results, if the content of the node is translated to other languages (translated using the Entity translation module).

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