If I have a node object I can use $node->getCacheTags() to get the cache tags for the node object, and I can do the same for other entities. Is there a way for me to do something similar with a Route object?

$cache_tags = $route->getCacheTags();

or maybe there's a way for me to do something like this, where $entity is populated with the $user, or $node, or $view, etc. object that is responsible for the current route:

$entity = $route->getEntity();
$cache_tags = $entity->getCacheTags();

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Adding my eventual solution based on @No Sssweat's comment.

I created a method in a service like:

public function getEntityFromRoute(RouteMatchInterface $route_match) {
  foreach ($route_match->getParameters() as $param) {
    if ($param instanceof EntityInterface) {
      return $param;

  return FALSE;

Then I have code like the following where I'm not entirely sure what entity type may be providing the route:

$route_entity = $MY_SERVICE->getEntityFromRoute(\Drupal::routeMatch());
$cache_tags = [];
if ($route_entity !== FALSE) {
  $cache_tags = $route_entity->getCacheTags();

Then I create my render array using the cache tags.

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