My D7 customer has a hard-coded form that maps fields to their Salesforce db and this is a chance to learn the new Webforms in Drupal 8. I've created a new webform and it shows up in the webform table. To learn how the webform handlers work I enabled the Salesforce Web-to-Lead Webform Data Integration handler and set some data in its settings that should work. The D7 module does not save the data so I've set this D8 webform to not save data after assigning this handler to it. When I visit /form/volunteer_form I get a 404. Looking at /admin/structure/webform I can see "(disabled)" in the listing of webforms. Ensuring that disabling the disabling of saving data, clearing cache, this form is still disabled. Looking at the routing I can see that this listing is an entity_list but my efforts to peer into this object fail because I'm unable to set a breakpoint in the right class. So my question is what could be causing this to be disabled, or which class is in effect here so I can explore this collection?

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