I have created a module called dino_roar, whose job is to create a web page. So i have created a dino_roar.routing.yml file which contains this:

  path: /the/dino/says
    _controller: Drupal/dino_roar/Controller/RoarController::roar
    _permission: 'access content'

Next i have created a PHP class called RoarController, which contains this:


namespace Drupal\dino_roar\Controller;

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;

class RoarController {
  public function roar() {
    return new Response('ROOOOOOAR!');

Here's a screenshot of my module's file tree:

dino_roar file tree

When i empty the cache, i get the following error:

ReflectionException: Class Drupal/dino_roar/Controller/RoarController[error]
does not exist in
Stack trace:

I have followed exactly what they say in this tutorial, but it doesn't work.

Is my namespace wrong, or what can it be?


You need to use back slashes in your _controller definition in your routing.yml. Like:

    _controller: Drupal\dino_roar\Controller\RoarController::roar

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