Someone posted another question How does one concatenate fields in title field in Panels (Pages)? but its not working for me.

I need to concatenate a custom text as prefix with %node:field_city_title keyword while adding a node field in min-panels.

I tried with Event in %node:field_city_title , Event in%node:field_city_title and searched a lot but nothing works for me.

enter image description here

If you any idea, let me know


I've figured out but not sure either it's a standard way or not but I believe override title field is not accepted "prefix or postfix" for %keyword like mentioned in the question.


1) Removed tag h1 from the attached image in the question.

2) Created new tpl named as panels-pane--event-node-title.tpl.php and added some code in it

<div class="pane-content">
  <?php if ($title): ?>
  <h1> <?php print $title; ?> </h1>
  <?php else : ?>
    // Here we can set any prefix or postfix within the tag
    <h1> Event in <?php print render($content); ?> </h1>
  <?php endif; ?>

$content variable will get content of the field along with its all settings (ID, class, tag etc.)

I hope this will help someone.

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