I would like to list the values of certain variables using Drush in order to make sure they are in fact the variables that I intend to add to my feature. It seems that some variables are parents which contain multiple children. I use a drush/features/git workflow with a purchased but customized theme and following is my example for clarity.

In my feature myfeature_theme_helper there are two variables that I exported to it: theme__settings and theme_settings. I want to be able to view what values each are storing so I can determine if they should be removed from my helper. One of them contains an active tab, for example, which is not a setting that I want to commit to code.

Thank you!

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If you do

drush vget theme_THEMENAME_settings

it will give you all nested variables but nested variables don't work

drush vget theme_THEMENAME_settings.toggle_name 
drush vget theme_THEMENAME_settings:toggle_name 

so the only way I found to get nested variables is with the use of grep

so for my theme I would do something like this

drush vget theme_THEMENAME_settings | grep toggle_name:

or do further processing using cut to get just the value of this variable

drush vget theme_THEMENAME_settings | grep toggle_name: | cut -f2- -d:

where theme_THEMENAME_settings is my variable and toggle_name is the nested variable name


Even though I like grep a lot, I think it's worth adding new tools to the toolbox from time to time ;-) Using jq and JSON output (instead of Yaml that is the default), you can use:

drush vget --format=json theme_THEMENAME_settings | jq -r '.theme_THEMENAME_settings | .toggle_name'

or the slightly shorter

drush vget --format=json theme_THEMENAME_settings | jq -r '.[] | .toggle_name'

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