I have a field on the user edit page that looks like this:

Label: What kind of fruits do you like?

  • (checkbox) Apples
  • (checkbox) Bananas
  • (checkbox) Grapes
  • (checkbox) Oranges
  • (checkbox) Pears

Description: Check all that apply.

The actual list of checkboxes is quite long (20 or so items) and so I would like to put the description after the label and before the checkboxes-- preferably for all fields displayed using the checkbox widget provided by the select (or other) module.

How can I adjust where the description is displayed?

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Install the theme developer module and point to your widget. It will tell you which hooks and templates are rendering it and what functions/templates you can use to override this functionality.

Often I find myself first copying the default code to the custom function/template and then twicking it to my needs.

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