I followed the LDAP Feeds example from the documentation and the query test returns the user fields just fine, but after launching the cron job manually I get "There are no new users." + notice:

"Notice: Undefined index: count in FeedsLdapEntryParser->parse() (line 20 of /var/www/html/drupal/sites/all/modules/ldap/ldap_feeds/FeedsLdapEntryParser.inc). LDAP Users Imported Successfully."

I triple checked my configurations, as well as the mapping which got unique targets for both User name (name) and mail. I also posted in the drupal module issue as I would think importing users via LDAP is a very much needed function.

Has anybody been successful importing that way or any idea why the count is making issues?

FYI my LDAP Query Results: count=1574. Could it be limited to certain amount of user entries?

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Not sure what exactly resolved this but basically I added GUID as a unique field with a unique number and while manually running the cron job /admin/config/system/cron didn't add the users,

after I went to /import/ldap_data_to_user_data and scheduled the LDAP query for import it worked.

Now it also syncs after I run them manually. Not sure what i did wrong or was missing, slightly confused but happy :)

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