Both the tempstore.private and tempstore.shared services store data which have an associated owner; for logged-in users, that is the user ID.

When an account is deleted, are the data having that user ID as owner removed?

I looked at User::postDelete(), but there isn't code for that.

public static function postDelete(EntityStorageInterface $storage, array $entities) {
  parent::postDelete($storage, $entities);
  $uids = array_keys($entities);
    ->delete(NULL, $uids);

It could be I didn't look at the correct class, or the code to delete those data is still missing from Drupal core.

Should I expect the data stored with the tempstore.private and tempstore.shared services be immediately deleted after a user account is deleted?

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The user's temp storage deletion isn't attached to the user deletion process.

If you look at the class, PrivateTempStoreFactory, instantiated for tempstore.private & tempstore.shared, you can see that the class has an expire property that determines the storage's TTL (in seconds).

These services are instantiated with an expire value of defined by parameters:tempstore.expire in core.services.yml, with a default of 604800 seconds (1 week), so the temp storage will expire 1 week after its creation.

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