I have a method that is invoked by AJAX call, and it returns an AjaxResponse. It redirects the user with RedirectCommand, added to the response. However, I would like to change it to a conditional redirect. Is this possible with RedirectCommand, or any other way that uses the CommandInterface, preferably in a way that does not require implementing CommandInterface in a new class?

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Indeed, one way to do this is to implement CommandInterface in a new class, as described in this blog post. This method adds the new command to Druapl.AjaxCommands.

However, if it's not desirable to implement the interface, a similar thing can be done with the existing InvokeCommand that implements CommandInterface, as seen in the example here.

My minimalistic example:

Server-side (NULL can be some CSS selector instead):

$response->addCommand(new InvokeCommand(NULL, 'customRedirect', ['/']));


jQuery.fn.customRedirect = function(target) {
    if (something)

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